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Large Scale 
Video Walls

As a leading supplier in the realm of visual display technology, we present cutting-edge Large Scale Video Walls designed to captivate audiences and elevate brand experiences. With our focus on innovation and quality, our video walls redefine immersive viewing across indoor and outdoor settings, offering unparalleled features to meet diverse needs.

Indoor & Outdoor Options:

Our Large Scale Video Walls are engineered to excel in both indoor and outdoor environments, providing seamless integration into various spaces such as auditoriums, stadiums, shopping malls, and outdoor events. Whether under bright sunlight or controlled indoor lighting, our displays deliver stunning visuals with optimal brightness and clarity.

Wide Viewing Angle:

Equipped with advanced panel technology, our video walls offer an expansive 140-degree viewing angle, ensuring crystal-clear images and consistent brightness from virtually any vantage point. This wide viewing angle guarantees an immersive viewing experience for all audiences, irrespective of their position within the viewing area.

High Refresh Rate:

Experience fluid motion and lifelike imagery with our Large Scale Video Walls boasting refresh rates of up to 3840 Hz. Whether showcasing dynamic video content, fast-paced graphics, or live events, our displays deliver buttery-smooth visuals without motion blur or distortion, ensuring every moment is displayed with precision and clarity.

Module Variations:

Our video walls provide versatility with module variations ranging from P-2, 2.5, 4, to 6, allowing for customizable configurations to suit specific display requirements. Whether you seek ultra-fine pixel pitch for up-close viewing or a larger pitch for expansive installations, our modular approach ensures flexibility in design and scalability for any project.

With a commitment to innovation, quality, and versatility, our Large Scale Video Walls redefine visual experiences across indoor and outdoor settings. From breathtaking clarity and wide viewing angles to high refresh rates and modular flexibility, our displays empower businesses, event organizers, and venues to leave a lasting impression on their audiences, elevating brand engagement and driving success. Use video walls to unlock the full potential of immersive visual storytelling.

Show window for retail space

Column or wall visual space for malls and retail entity

Large scale visual setup for events, mall outdoors

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